In the Name of God
    Nasrallah Kakavand’s Resume
    International Specialist and Instructor of Martial Arts, Founder of Jujitsu and Shito Ryu Sei Shin Kai Style Karate in Iran, With 9th Dan Black Belt
    Holds a PhD in Physical Education Equivalent to Services and Specialization and Sports Honors in the International Community From Rocheville International University
    1. Eleven Times Championship of the Country Individually in Karate
    2. Seven Times Championship of the Country Team in Karate
    3. Member of the National Karate Team of the Islamic Republic of Iran From 1987 to 1996
    4. Coach of the National Youth Team (Karate)
    5. Coach of the National Adolescent Team (Karate)
    6. Holds the Official Representation of Shito Ryu Sei Shin Kai Karate From Japan
    7. President of Shito Ryu Sei Shin Kai Karate and Kobudo Style in Karate Federation
    8. President of the Karate Federation Coaches Committee
    9. President of the Karate Board of the City Rey for 8 Years
    10.President of the Karate Board of the Country’s Workers for 4 Years 11.President of the Karate Board of Southwest Tehran for 14 Years 12.Head Coach of the Armed Forces Karate Team for 11 Years
    13.Head Coach of the Karate Team of the Country’s Workers for 14 Years 14.Iran – 2000
    15.President of the Iranian Jujitsu Association for 9 Years
    16.Head Coach of Iran’s National Jujitsu Teams

    17.Head Coach of the Semi Contact National Team of the Iranian Martial Arts Federation
    18.Member of the Technical Supreme Council of the Iranian Martial Arts Federation
    19.Member of the Technical Committee of the Martial Arts Federation
    20.Secretary General of the Committee of Veterans of Iranian Martial Arts
    21.First Organizer of the World Karate Open Cup Competitions in 2000 in Iran
    22.Manager and Organizer of the First and Second Championships of the Country in 1991 and 1992
    23.Winning the Third Title of World Champion in 1996 in Hungary
    24.Winning the Title of World Champion in Martial Arts Games in 2001 in Two Sections of Solo Wakata Show in Southern Ireland
    25.Winning the Title of Vice-Champion of the World Karate Confederation of the World 2003 Russia
    26.Winning the World Club Championship Title in the Individual Kata Section and the Third Team Title in 2005 (Italy)
    27.Winning Kata Kobudo in 2006 (Italy)
    28.Winning the Second Title of World Champion in Karate Kata 2006 (Italy) 29.Winning the European Karate Kata Competition 2009 (Poland) 30.Acquisition of the Title of Kata Kobudo of Continental Europe 2009 (Poland)
    31.Winning the Titles of Karate Kata Performance Ei Ay Do Kata and Ei Ay Do Kobudo Kata and Participating in the Four Martial Arts Sections in the Finals and Winning the Best Martial Arts Master in the World Martial Arts Marathon With 5400 Athletes From 87 Countries in 2011 (Italy)
    International Chairs:
    1. First Vice President of the Jujitsu and Wrestling Federation of Asia
    2. President of the Technical Committee of the Asian Jujitsu Federation
    3. Technical Director of Two Asian Championships in 2008 and 2009 in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
    4. Vice President of the World Games Committee of World Martial Arts

    5. First Vice President of the World Karate Association
    6. President of the Association of Martial Arts of the Middle East and Islamic Countries of the World
    7. President of the Asian Karate Association
    8. President of the Federation of Asian Continents Http://
    9. President and Responsible for Holding the Karate Championship of the World Karate Union in 2018 in Iran
    10.President of the Asian Jujitsu and Self-Defense Federation Www.Asjjf.Com
    11.Secretary General of the International Combat Games Association of IACS
    12.Founder and President of the International Association of Traditional Karate and Kubudo Www.Itkka.Com
    13.President of the Federation of Traditional and Indigenous Sports of Asia
    14.Member of the Board of the International Wrist-Wrestling Federation
    15.Founder of the International Jujitsu Karate Sports Association
    16.President of the Technical Committee and Member of the Board of Directors of the World Federation Shitō-Ryū Si Xin Kai
    17.Member of the Martial Arts Association Board and Vice-President of the UWMAF Technical Committee
    18.President of the AsianSelf-Defense and Jujitsu Federation ASJJF