tatsonoSoke Tatsuno’s contribution for Seishinkai made Motobu-ha Shitoryu a worldwide known style with thousands of members all over the world. After Soke Tatsuno passed away on 1st May 1999, our thoughts were with Soke and his family. It was Soke’s wish that Seishinkai must go on. Today, all the people who loved Soke and supported Seishinkai are the living proof of Soke’s budo spirit, and many people from all over the world join ISKU every day In 1996 Soke Tatsuno founded the “World Karate Promotion Foundation” (WKPF) and became worldwide known for his project “Karate to the Olympics”. With his charm he gained the sympathy of many people and became the hope for thousands of athletes. Thanks to his enormous efforts, Karate finally was recognized by the IOC as a candidate for future Olympics. We are all very sorry that Soke Tatsuno will have no time to see his dream come true. Soke Tatsuno was a true Samurai – we will never forget him